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The founding companies expect the jointly created platform Adamos (Adaptive Manufacturing Open Solutions) to ensure independence from external software providers and data sovereignty on the one hand, and individual, needs-based IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) implementations on the other. Although planning, predictive maintenance, machine cockpit/dashboarding and maintaining assistance applications should be available as cloud products there by the beginning of 2018, users should also be able to operate Adamos solutions via stationary servers if required. The Adamos service offer, IIoT tools and functions are available as Software as a Service (apps), Platform as a Service, and Infrastructure as a Service. The Adamos App Factory addresses tasks and topics such as performance management, planning, manufacturing operation management, management execution systems, machine cockpit/dashboarding, maintaining assistance and predictive maintenance. Adamos specifically targets requirements in the field of mechanical and plant engineering as well as those of its customers.

The platform was founded on October 1, 2017 by the mechanical engineering companies DMG Mori , Dürr and ASM PT , as well as the IT company Software AG and measurement technology supplier Carl Zeiss . Adamos was launched with around 200 experts, and the founding company welcomes any additional partners – and their experts. The alliance aims to bundle mechanical engineering, production and information technology expertise and establish Adamos as a global industry standard. Adamos is thus positioning itself as a vendor-neutral platform vis-à-vis IIoT solutions from large (IT) service providers such as Predix (General Electrics), MindSphere (Siemens), the Bosch IoT suite or the Azure IoT suite (Microsoft) – although this platform can also be expanded using third-party developments, it relies on a cloud solution that transmits data (as with most platform solutions) to the provider’s server. Eaton therefore immediately teamed up with T-Systems for IIoT cloud projects.