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According to their own statement , the buyer from Austria wants to invest sustainably in the further development of the software. Meusburger operates internationally and specializes in the production of standard parts, i.e., standardized yet off-norm components. The acquisition is intended primarily to strengthen and expand the portfolio of digital solutions. With WBI , Meusburger already has a product for knowledge-oriented management, which is supposed to support the digital transformation. It is used within the company, but can also be adapted to other organizations regardless of the industry. According to Meusburger Group, the employees of Segoni will be kept on, while support and maintenance for existing customers will continue as before.

Like other companies, ERP providers face the challenge of adapting their processes and products to increasing digitization. A market study conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML) in 2016 showed that ERP systems will continue to play a central role as a data hub and integration center. However, manufacturers consider the high volume of data associated with Industry 4.0 applications as problematic. As a result, many providers have expanded their business intelligence and business analytics capabilities.