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Under the motto "Innovate, Transform, Sustain." leading industrial companies from throughout EMEA were invited to submit their most compelling digital solutions for the manufacturing, process, construction and automotive industries for the MIMA. Approximately 50 candidates accepted the challenge, of which 15 companies from seven nations advanced to the finals and presented their projects to a panel of expert judges.

The overall winner of MIMA 2023 is the German company Fischerwerke with a long tradition for its intelligent and innovative solution for monitoring fasteners in the construction industry. Using special sensors, they record pretensioning forces in fasteners and transmit them via mobile communications to the cloud, where they can be checked and visualized on a smartphone, for example. This makes real-time construction monitoring possible, which offers advantages for predictive maintenance.

The other winners in the five categories "Innovate!", "Scale!", "Add Value!", "Disrupt!" and "Sustainability!" are:

  • Innovate: Danieli Automation and beanTech (Italy) for their "Q3-Premium" software, an innovative modular solution for quality control and quality assurance in metal production based on state-of-the-art IIoT, analytics and AI technologies.
  • Scale: TRUMPF Werkzeugmaschinen SE + Co. KG and Prenode (Germany) for their new solution for remote control of laser cutting machines equipped with cameras and sensors and networked with the cloud. The solution enables new services and business models such as Equipment-as-a-Service (EaaS).
  • Add Value: Danone (France) for its Digital Manufacturing Acceleration (DMA) program, which modernizes its production facilities to Industry 4.0 levels to increase their efficiency, flexibility and resilience. The program aims to improve the interaction between people and technology.
  • Disrupt: Siemens (Germany) for its "Trusted Traceability" solution, which links all relevant data in a genealogy tree along the value and supply chain. The detailed product genealogy tree is accessible with one click to provide greater transparency.
  • Sustainability: Outokumpu (Finland) for introducing a new sustainability standard in stainless steel production. The company has developed a model that calculates the product-specific carbon footprint of its stainless steel products and provides its customers with specific certificates on the carbon footprint of its stainless steel.
  • MIMA is an important platform to promote and recognize the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry. Winners become part of the "MIMA Champions Circle" - an exclusive networking platform for technology leaders in the manufacturing industry. More information about the Microsoft Intelligent Manufacturing Award 2023 can be found here.