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Effective mixing of different fluids or fluids and gases, such as fuel and air for internal combustion engines, is often a decisive factor for downstream results. Up to now two approaches have been taken to obtain good mixing: either static components operating under high pressure, or dynamic components with moving parts, which often have short lifetimes and require costly maintenance. The future now holds a third option, consisting of oscillators with fluid parts. At HANNOVER MESSE 2014, the Faculty of Experimental Fluid Dynamics at TU Berlin is presenting a demo version of an innovative approach to improved mixing.

Fluidic oscillators generate self-excited internal oscillations, which enables them to achieve dynamic fluid injection without moving parts. As a result, many processes can be operated at a low pressure level or process times can be reduced. Furthermore, the new components allow the amount of injected fluid to be precisely determined. Research at TU Berlin has shown that in addition to the dramatic improvement in mixing quality made possible by this technology, a very high life expectation with zero maintenance can be attained thanks to the passive nature of the fluid components.

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