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H2 Energy (H2E) from Azzano Mella, a northern Italian municipality in the Lombardy province of Brescia, has been manufacturing and marketing industrial electrolysis systems up to the multi-megawatt range for more than 25 years. Thanks to its many years of experience, H2E is now in a position to supply AEL, PEM and AEM systems with industrial solutions and applications. At the same time, the company is developing innovative hydrogen solutions with a high level of investment and research in order to further improve its utilisation as a renewable energy source.

H2E's home region, Lombardy, is now set to benefit more from the experience gained. The region is currently developing its own hydrogen supply chain based on a European Union model. H2E is at the forefront of this Lombardy consortium, in which other companies, research institutions and foundations have also come together to create synergies and develop the undisputed advantages of hydrogen to make it competitive. The first Italian one-megawatt plant for green hydrogen was put into operation in May as a kind of pre-start signal. However, the actual starting signal was given at the beginning of November at a constituent meeting of all the institutions involved at H2 Energy's Pizzighettone factory. One of the tasks of this first official meeting of the Lombardy hydrogen supply chain was to set up working groups in order to rigorously pursue the goals set in the interests of everyone in the future.