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With around 375,000 Internet users surveyed, the study is the most significant one in Germany so far. According to this study , 4.8% of Germans over the age of 18 are currently active on gig-, click- or crowdworking platforms. As a result, 70% of them earn an income, even though for most it is only an additional income. At least 40% of platform workers earn over € 1,000 a week.

According to the study, most crowdworkers are young, male, single and well-educated. In assessing their own work situation, the opinions of employees differ: About half of the respondents are satisfied or at least rather satisfied. The authors of the study therefore conclude that for some people this kind of employment is not just an interim solution. However, 23% complained that their salary is too low.

Several unions are now designing or improving the working relationships of crowdworkers. IG Metall, employee representatives from Austria and Sweden as well as companies have launched the website faircrowd.work . The website introduces various platforms and evaluates them, among other things by interviewing the respective employees.