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These are the findings of a recent representative survey of more than 600 companies from all sectors commissioned by the German digital association Bitkom. According to the survey, more than two-thirds (69 percent) say that AI is the most important technology of the future. Only around one in four companies (26 percent), on the other hand, believe that AI is overrated and just a hype. More and more companies also see advantages for themselves in AI. For 62 percent, artificial intelligence offers opportunities for their own business, compared with just 55 percent a year ago. However, the number of companies using AI is not yet growing at the same pace. Currently, AI applications are used in 8 percent of companies, compared to 6 percent a year ago. The proportion of companies planning or discussing its use has risen more sharply, from 22 percent to 30 percent. The proportion of companies where AI is not an issue at all has also fallen - from 71 percent in 2020 to 59 percent now.

The potential uses of artificial intelligence cut across all industries: From autonomous driving to medical diagnosis, from support for customer inquiries to quality control in production. According to Bitkom, it is therefore now important to create even more momentum in entrepreneurial practice and to stimulate investments in AI.

The Hannover Messe Digital Edition recently brought momentum to the discussion around the topic of AI. Around 60 live events went on air during the five digital days of the trade fair. Until June 11, 2021, you have the opportunity to watch them again on our website. You can find videos from well-known companies such as DFKI, Festo, Fraunhofer, Kaspersky, Kuka, Oracle, Siemens, Smart Factory T-Systems and many more.

In addition, our exhibitor and product search offers more than 700 entries with information about AI, the key technology of the future.

Exhibitors & Products