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norelem Normelemente KG has set itself the challenge of providing designers and engineers in the mechanical and plant engineering sectors with intelligent solutions that make their work, if not their lives in general, a whole lot easier. One of these innovative ideas is the company’s new precision three-jaw chuck, which is designed to help make the internal and external holding of cylindrical workpieces far simpler. It was specifically developed for tasks requiring a combination of high precision and low clamping forces. Such requirements are especially common in metrology and laser labeling applications.

The new precision three-jaw chuck is available in four sizes with diameters ranging from 50 to 160 millimeters. While the chucks of the two smaller sizes are made of steel, norelem uses aluminum bodies for the two larger models for both weight and ergonomic reasons. The actual clamping jaws are made of hardened steel in all cases. The new product isn’t called a precision three-jaw chuck for nothing - it boasts a highly impressive concentricity of less than 0.03 millimeters, together with a circular runout and a repeat clamping accuracy that are both below 0.01 millimeters.

In most cases, simply rotating the clamping ring by hand is sufficient to hold workpieces in place. Should more force be required, however, a lever is also supplied. What’s more, the internal jaws supplied as standard are reversible. To avoid getting muddled up during this process, the jaws have markings that must match the corresponding ones on the chuck body. Cylindrical pins in a number of different sizes are also supplied to provide further versatility. These pins can be inserted into the hole in the front face of each jaw to hold lighter parts in a raised position that optimizes access during the measuring or labeling process.

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