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Wuppertal-based company Stahlwille , which has been manufacturing tools for over a century, is now expanding its portfolio to include networked tool solutions that are intended to be used in digitized factories. The machines are able to exchange data through M2M (“machine to machine”), a process that is already well established. Now the tools are joining the club: In its DAPTIQ range, Stahlwille will be offering a variety of products that will assist with integration into an industry 4.0 environment. Via a wireless interface, the new tools assist with the bidirectional exchange of data between the machines and production controllers. This makes it possible both to exchange and analyze the data and to receive and execute automatic production commands. These might include transferring default settings and automatic calibration. Stahlwille is in good company with other companies with long histories: Junker , a manufacturer of grinding machines, also recently updated its product portfolio to better accommodate the requirements of digitized industry.

DAPTIQ is an open-source interface, meaning that Stahlwille’s tools are not exclusively connected to a special controlling software of the manufacturer, but can instead be integrated into a variety of preexisting production environments. The new devices include Manoskop 766 (an electromechanical torque wrench), perfectControl (an automatic calibration device), SmartCheck (a torque testing device), and Reading Station (a storage solution with an automatic inventory feature).