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Currently, a roof that is already covered with tiles usually has an additional attachment system that incorporates solar power or solar thermal energy panels. The major disadvantages of this system are - alongside its lack of elegance, which takes some getting used to - the insufficient utilization of the roof area and the high installation costs of such a dual system. The obvious choice is to use solar roof tiles instead of conventional ones, although this requires highly efficient construction in order to install the solar roof tiles quickly and easily onto existing battens with varying distances between the latter. This also calls for a roof system that ensures feeding and discharge of the fluid in the case of solar thermal energy, and transmission of the electricity for photovoltaics.

The solar roof tiles developed by paXos have the same dimensions and weight as clay roof tiles, but are designed to be much more stable, durable, accessible and storm-proof. paXos also promises that a roof can be covered using the click-in technology of the solar roof tiles just as fast as a roof with normal roof tiles. The patent for the solar energy roof tiles from paXos Consulting & Engineering GmbH & Co. KG offers the following benefits overall - the tiles look like normal black glazed roof tiles, they can be easily installed using a snap-in/click-in system, and photovoltaics and solar thermal energy can be combined in a roof tile, with the photovoltaics being cooled by the solar thermal energy. This delivers an optimum photovoltaic yield and warm water to help with heating.