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Pneumatic conveying systems for bulk materials are used in a wide variety of industries, including the food industry, chemical and process engineering, and the cement and lime industries. But this alone shows how diverse the demands on said conveying systems are: whether hygiene, explosion protection, robustness, product safety, or efficiency in general - some of this practically requires squaring the circle. The gas compression professionals at AERZEN from the town of the same name in Lower Saxony now seem to have succeeded in this feat. With the new Delta Hybrid rotary lobe compressors, which are free of oil and absorption material, AERZEN wants to ensure the highest process air quality for almost all areas from now on.

Nonplusultra for pneumatic conveying processes

According to AERZEN, the rotary lobe compressors, also known as screw blowers, combine the advantages of blower and compressor technology in one system and stand for maximum energy efficiency, minimum life cycle costs, 100 percent pure and reliable process air as well as high durability even under extreme conditions - characteristics that are said to make the Delta Hybrid the non plus ultra for pneumatic conveying processes. With the current expansion of its portfolio, AERZEN is taking the successful series to the next technology level.

Energy savings of up to 30 percent

The total of four new unit sizes provide absolutely oil- and absorption material-free air and cover volume flows from 2 to 30 cubic meters per minute as well as drive powers from 7.5 to 55 kilowatts. In addition, far-reaching optimizations to the "innards" of the compressors ensure energy savings of up to 30 percent compared with a conventional positive displacement blower. The self-tensioning belt drive with an efficiency of over 98 percent also contributes to this, providing maximum flexibility in terms of volume flow and motor power.

Service life of 70,000 hours

But that is by no means all. The patented bearing, for example, enables a service life of 70,000 hours and more. The effective sealing concept for the drive shaft and the conveying chamber not only minimizes wear, it also guarantees freedom from oil in accordance with ISO 8573-1 class 0. The reactive silencer, which is also patented and does not contain any absorption material, is just as successful in preventing contamination of process air and customer products as the uncoated rotors ensure that no abrasion can enter the conveying air. These are all essential factors for sustainable, safe and long-lasting operation in pneumatic conveying systems for sensitive bulk materials.

Speaking of sensitive bulk materials, the new Delta Hybrid also features a reduced final compression temperature (up to ten degrees Celsius lower), enabling gentle transport of sensitive materials such as sugar or cocoa and milk powder. The rotary lobe compressors also comply with the current ATEX product directive 2014/34/EU and can thus be used in highly critical, explosive working environments without any problems.

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