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Gradually electric engines are becoming popular in shipbuilding, too. The Danish shipyard Hvide Sande has commissioned the engine and automation specialist Baumüller in Nuremberg to deliver a hybrid drive system . The engine combines electric motors with diesel units, which are used only to generate electricity. In port, these can be switched off completely, leaving the ferry moving entirely under electric power. According to Baumüller, the hybrid engine cuts fuel consumption and emissions significantly. The new ferry is not only environmentally friendly, but also fast, at 11 knots. The hybrid drive concept also provides good maneuverability and a reduction in vibration.

The ferry company ÆrøXpressen has ordered the ship. It intends to use it in the south of Denmark, between the port of Rudkøbing on Langeland and the island of Ærø, not far from Flensburg. The ferry is to carry up to 32 vehicles and 196 passengers. It is due for delivery in fall 2019.