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The consortium includes Augsburg-based mechanical engineering company MAN Energy Solutions , University of Erlangen spin-off Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies , and Dutch equipment and systems manufacturer Frames . Together, the consortium wants to build hydrogen storage systems in which the element, which is gaseous at room temperature, is stored in the form of liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHC) . The technology on which the process is based has been developed by Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies and uses heat transfer oil as a carrier for hydrogen, thereby allowing the gas to be stored unpressurized and, consequently, the loading capacity to increase three to five times. As a first step, the three companies plan to design systems with hydrogen capacities of 5 to 12 tons.

The consortium strongly believes that hydrogen will play a crucial role in the energy transition, and that the gas will be increasingly used, especially for drives that cannot be simply electrified. The LOHC process also makes it possible to transport hydrogen safely and easily.