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Nokia has announced mutually independent strategic partnerships with Amazon Web Services and Bosch . In doing so, Nokia aims to develop IoT products for five key industries: digital health, industry, utilities and transportation, smart cities and public institutions. The goal is to combine technologies and services in order to offer integrated services. Predictive maintenance, Sensing as a Service ( sensor-based, monitored or managed services ) as well as services ranging from sensors to applications are conceivable.

In particular, Nokia is contributing its IoT cloud platform as well as IoT connectivity and services to the collaboration. Bosch Connected Devices & Solutions is providing intelligent, connected sensor devices – especially MEMS sensors . The partnership with AWS, in turn, aims to improve connectivity and optimize data traffic, from “the cloud to the edge,” i.e. from the core to the edge of IoT ecosystems. Nokia is relying on AWS Greengrass to provide local data processing, messaging, caching and synchronization services for the connected devices. The partnerships are expected to strengthen Nokia’s position as an IoT platform provider as well as its own consulting business.