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Using WiFi to connect mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones or laptops to the Sinamics G120, Sinamics G120C and Sinamics G120P converter series, this new add-on feature makes commissioning, diagnostics and servicing completely wireless. As a result, operators can quickly detect error messages or warning signals and save or reset settings. The module is set up in just a few simple steps using any standard web browser and operating system, with no need to download any additional software thanks to the webserver function. What's more, an intuitive user interface and menu guidance make for a highly user-friendly solution.

But that’s not all the Sinamics G120 Smart Access Module has to offer - converter settings can also be duplicated and sent to other mobile devices to commission additional converters, which makes working with several converters significantly easier. The option to swap Sinamics G120 Smart Access Modules between different converters from the three series means operators can take care of commissioning with a single mobile terminal device. The module then acts as a transportable storage solution with web-based control and a wireless client link.