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Founded a good hundred years ago as a mechanical engineering workshop, the family-owned company Kaeser Kompressoren is now one of the world's leading compressor manufacturers and compressed air system suppliers. Despite the worldwide availability of Kaeser products, production is still concentrated at the two sites in Coburg in northern Bavaria (main plant) and Gera in Thuringia. The compressed air specialists' product range includes stationary screw compressors, mobile construction compressors, stationary and workshop-mounted piston compressors, vacuum pumps, rotary lobe, screw and turbo blowers, dryers, compressed air tools and accessories, and filters.

The right solution for every requirement

Kaeser's filter range comprises a total of four series and nine housing sizes. Depending on the design, they reliably remove aerosols, particles and oil vapors from compressed air, as specified by the ISO 8573-1 cleanliness classes. Depending on the housing size, the innovative Kaeser filters clean a volume of up to 32.0 cubic meters of compressed air per minute at a maximum pressure of 16 bar and a maximum inlet temperature of 66 degrees Celsius. The outstanding filtration efficiency of Kaeser filters is regularly tested by independent bodies and certified in accordance with the ISO 12500-1 quality standard for filters. According to this standard, for example, the new KE (Kaeser-Extra) depth-spliced aerosol filter achieves a residual aerosol content of 0.01 milligrams per cubic meter at a maximum saturation differential pressure of 200 millibars.

Demand-driven compressed air purity meets maximum energy efficiency

As in so many areas at present, however, energy efficiency is playing an increasingly essential role in filtration. But Kaeser filters can also score in this respect. The patented proprietary development of the element head ensures gentle deflection of the flow and guides the compressed air in such a way that the filter media are evenly utilized. In addition, particularly large filter surfaces ensure optimum filter velocities. As a result, Kaeser filters have an extremely low differential pressure combined with outstanding filtration efficiency.


But Kaeser has also thought of simple and safe handling. For example, the filter's head and bell are connected by a bayonet lock, which ensures that both parts are always automatically positioned in a sealed manner relative to each other when the element is changed, thanks to an integrated innovative positive guide, along with the seal for the housing and element. Finally, a locking screw fixes the bell in its end position and at the same time seals the filter housing. If the connection were incorrectly mounted, it would not be possible to close it at all, and the compressed air would escape in a clearly audible manner.

Robust and easy-to-fit housing

The exterior of Kaeser filters, made of corrosion-resistant aluminum, is available in various nominal sizes for the easiest possible installation. In addition, there are various optional features and extensive accessories. The finely graded Kaeser filter range ensures that all compressed air quality classes according to ISO 8573-1 can be reliably and economically maintained. The filters themselves are also precisely matched to the compressors and other treatment components and are also designed to allow application-specific combinations.

Reliable cleanliness and energy efficiency even for higher volume flows

Kaeser also provides the same element technology for container filters. With volume flows of up to 336 cubic meters per minute, their extremely low differential pressure offers even greater energy-saving potential. High-quality corrosion-protected vessels and the standard equipment of the coalescence filters with the electronically level-controlled ECO-DRAIN 31 condensate drain contribute significantly to their high filtration efficiency in this unit class.

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