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FAULHABER from Schönaich, south of Stuttgart, is one of the leading suppliers in the field of high-precision miniature and micro drive systems. The Swabians claim to have the most comprehensive portfolio of miniature and microdrive technologies available worldwide from a single source. From powerful DC motors, brushless DC motors and linear motors to stepper motors, all drives are optimized to achieve maximum performance with a minimum of size and weight. Precision gearboxes, encoders, linear components and drive electronics assemblies are also available for the construction of complete systems. Their main areas of application include production automation and robotics, aerospace, medicine and laboratory technology.

With the launch of the IEP3, FAULHABER has now expanded its portfolio with an incremental encoder that achieves a very high resolution and accuracy thanks to the latest chip technology. With a diameter of just eight millimeters, the IEP3 is very light and compact and yet offers a resolution of up to 10,000 pulses per revolution, which is made possible by the latest chip technology with high interpolation. In the standard version, the resolution is freely programmable from one to 4,096 pulses per revolution. In addition, the chip technology used ensures high position and repeat accuracy thanks to accuracy compensation.

The IEP3 can be supplied with both 5 volts and 3.3 volts operating voltage. It is therefore also suitable for use in battery or rechargeable battery-powered applications, which are usually operated with 3.3 volts. A wide temperature range from -40 to + 125 degrees Celsius also enables a wide range of applications. According to FAULHABER, the IEP3 is suitable for a wide range of applications and is characterized by high accuracy in a very small installation space. Areas of application include prosthetics in the field of medical technology, optical applications such as telescopes, microscopes, lasers or cameras, semiconductor production or the aforementioned robotics.