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The automotive industry discovered the opportunity of open source for itself several years ago. Daimler recently adopted a manifesto for its employees. It is impossible to imagine the automation landscape without OSDAL, but there is still a need for more acceptance of open source software. The advantages are convincing. Carsten Emde from OSADL put it in a nutshell: "You can't sell software in bags. If the customer is unlucky, after ten seconds the software is no longer worth anything because the rules have changed or vulnerabilities have been found."

In the run-up to IT projects, service providers and customers often have recourse to numerous lawyers to secure their IP or, for example, to settle the rights to the code in the event of insolvency. This is often expensive and takes a lot of time, whereas with an open source approach these problems can be solved quickly and easily. If a vendor with an open source approach goes out of business, the code is still there. This is sovereignty in development. In addition, open source provides the vendor with security in the processes. The foundations pay scrupulous attention to the development being traceable, to software parts lists being available and to security loopholes being closed quickly. In addition: New ideas from the developer community can be implemented quickly.