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The best of all technology worlds under one roof: if it's up to HMF Smart Solutions, specialist for customised communication solutions from Bad Münder, the digital transformation process in industry should succeed with smart system integration concepts in an extremely flexible, cost-efficient and sustainable way. Accordingly, at HANNOVER MESSE 2023 the company from Lower Saxony will be presenting promising, interactive application examples of how the latest 5G technology can be cleverly combined with already established wireless communication technologies (for example WiFi, LoRa, Bluetooth) in a customised overall system - in order to then benefit maximally from the respective advantages and strengths of the different wireless standards in interaction.

Intelligent video applications with data processing in fractions of a second

The enormous bandwidth of 5G campus networks, for example, enables the processing of a large number of parallel real-time video streams from a wide variety of source devices. HMF Smart Solutions is demonstrating several use cases of video surveillance via 5G in an industrial environment in Hanover. For example, visitors can follow live streams via drone for maintenance and inspection. Or the parallel transmission via bodycam, push-to-talk-over cellular radio, smartphone and tablet for monitoring, service and support activities as well as documentation. Using NSION's NSC3 ValoR engine as an example, HMF will also demonstrate an AI-based analysis of real-time video feeds. Using switchable AI filters, a large number of defined objects and events can be automatically detected and/or counted in the video images. The application is intended, for example, to enable the automatic monitoring of buildings and production facilities or to sound the alarm in the event of fire or damage.

Raising savings potentials through smart maintenance via 5G

Interactive augmented reality applications can significantly support the maintenance, servicing and repair of machines, plants and equipment. However, their use requires high bandwidths, which a 5G campus network makes possible with ease. Complex tasks, for example, can be carried out by laypersons with the help of augmented reality glasses and the appropriate application or, if necessary, accompanied and monitored remotely by qualified personnel using an integrated camera system. This not only saves time and money, but can also be a valuable relief in times of shortage of skilled workers. HMF Smart Solutions invites visitors to get active themselves at the HMF stand and commission a TETRA base station without any prior knowledge of their own.

Secure and fast voice and data transmission

PTTconnect, an in-house PTT-over-Cellular (PoC) solution from HMF, can turn any Android-based smartphone into a professional communication device. Above all, the intelligent application is designed to provide fast, direct call set-up via PTT button, individual and group calls, call prioritisation, outstanding audio quality and end-to-end encryption. PTTConnect thus has important functions that users already know and appreciate from classic radio technology (for example, via the TETRA standard). In addition, the application offers broadband services for video and data transmission. PTTconnect can be integrated into a private 5G campus network as well as deployed via commercial 5G network operators and is said to be optimally suited for communication, e.g. in company fire brigades and in logistics.

5G Smart Box - the turnkey, private 5G solution

In order to set up said 5G campus network as straightforwardly as possible, HMF Smart Solutions will also be presenting its 5G Smart Box at HANNOVER MESSE, a complete, fully autonomous and high-performance private 5G stand-alone radio system that is said to offer almost unlimited application possibilities.