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Siemens is entering the 2018 racing season as a new technical partner , creating digital images of Team Penske sports cars . After all, the smallest details determine the performance in NASCAR Cup Series races. Digital one-to-one images, which can be used to precisely determine stress and wear, can decide on victory or defeat. With the twin, engineers can also simulate the effects of changes without the technicians having to disassemble the car completely. So far, there was no choice but to manually change the individual components.

Siemens now provides access to a virtual test environment before and during the race. Sensors record data on tire pressure, engine control, wind speed, etc., during the race. Team Penske can therefore carry out optimizations at any time and implement them during the race. By integration on the Siemens platforms, Penske can significantly reduce its costs, but above all, the engineers save time in optimization and test trials.