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Sports car manufacturer Porsche and world-leading manufacturer of press systems Schuler have established a joint venture for the production of car body parts . The purpose of the joint venture, which is to be run as an independent company legally constituted as a limited-liability partnership in the GmbH & Co. KG format, is to build a smart press shop to turn out complex body parts using state-of-the-art technology. The focus will lie on lightweight aluminum outer skin panels, produced in small batch sizes. Planned for the shop are a networked production process, intelligent production control, machine learning methods, and predictive maintenance.

Porsche and Schuler each plan to invest a ten-million sum in the project, which should create more than 100 new highly skilled jobs. The European Commission has already approved the plans; approval from other competition authorities is currently pending. No decision has yet been made regarding the site of the new press shop. According to a joint statement by Schuler and Porsche, the aim is for the choice of location to significantly reduce CO2 emissions by minimizing the distance car body parts must travel.