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The report refers to figures from Ludwig Bölkow System Technology, which maintains a PtG database. It shows that more than 300 PtG projects were announced globally by the end of 2019. As the number of facilities increase, so too does the size. In Germany, a number of electrolyzers with a rated electrical output of over 30 megawatts will be built. Germany has taken a pioneering role according to the report, because hydrogen technologies are being used and tested under real conditions in field tests.

PtG refers to the concept of turning electrical energy into hydrogen, or into methane or liquid energy carriers through a subsequent synthesis process. TÜV Süd emphasized that hydrogen production by electrolyzers with energy from renewable sources does not emit any CO2.

In neighboring Switzerland, developments are also being made: According to Viessmann , Limeco, the Swiss energy suppliers, is constructing the largest PtG plant in the world together with Viessmann’s subsidiaries microbEnergy and Schmack Biogas. In the plant, hydrogen will be transformed microbiologically into methane. This groundbreaking development is expected in spring of 2020.