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PROFINET (PROcess FIeld NETwork) is the open, modular Industrial Ethernet standard of Profibus & Profinet International (PI) for automation. PROFINET uses TCP/IP and IT standards, is real-time Ethernet-compatible and supports integration of fieldbus systems. LUMEL S.A. is now also integrating this advanced standard into its products. The company, based in Poland, this year’s Partner Country of HANNOVER MESSE, has been one of the leading European manufacturers of industrial automation equipment since 1953. Among other things, it is in Hannover to exhibit the new ND30PNET-POWER NET. METER with PROFINET, which is celebrating its premiere at HANNOVER MESSE 2017.

The ND30PNET from LUMEL is an addition to the already highly successful ND30 power network meter with MODBUS protocol and Ethernet. Equipped with the new standard, the network parameter meters can now also be used in communication and control systems with the familiar PLC driver and PROFINET protocol without having to use additional converters. The ND30PNET supports measurement and recording of 54 parameters and individual harmonics for current and voltage up to the 51st and features a configurable graphics display - and these are just two of the new meter’s many other benefits.