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Companies face considerable challenges due to digital transformation: They must quickly develop innovations, act and react in unstable markets, and still offer attractive workplaces for their employees. In order to make all this possible, they must imagine new models of working that are more reliant on self-organization, agile team concepts and new ways of managing.

The “New Work” project, funded by the Federal Ministry of Labor (BMAS), has identified success factors for new forms of labor in the world of Labor 4.0, signposting the path to implementation on the basis of successful real-world examples and a “Map of New Work.” An accompanying IAO study focuses on how to get employees involved in management processes. The final report outlines and details not only best practices, but also the prerequisites and possible implementations of future models, focusing on the basic principles of New Work. The publication also includes 16 case studies. BMAS has additionally introduced many of the real-world examples in its publication “ Spaces for Learning and Experimenting .” IAO has also highlighted various aspects of the project in its blog posts .