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TRUMPF, the high-tech company based in Ditzingen, Germany, is one of the technology and market leaders in machine tools for flexible sheet metal processing and industrial lasers. With the TruMatic 5000 manufacturing cell that has just been introduced, the Swabians make it possible to cut, punch and then form components completely automatically by laser. The SheetMaster, which is also new, ensures a fully automated material flow in the manufacturing cell - from loading and unloading the machine to ejecting the processed parts. "With the TruMatic 5000, TRUMPF once again demonstrates its market-leading position in networked manufacturing. The solution can be seamlessly integrated into a self-sufficient smart factory. This enables efficiency advantages along the entire process chain," explains TRUMPF Product Manager Steffen Wagner.

Effective fiber laser

The basis for the high productivity of the TruMatic 5000 production cell is a six-kilowatt fiber laser. This not only saves energy, but also cuts the parts particularly quickly. A lowerable die also protects the workpieces from scratches during punching. In addition, the punching head of the TruMatic 5000 has an electric drive patented by TRUMPF, the DeltaDrive, which saves another 30 percent of energy.

Fully automated material flow thanks to new SheetMaster

Another special feature of the TruMatic 5000 is the fully automated material flow. This is made possible by the new SheetMaster - a technology that handles components in the production cell with the help of grippers. With the SheetMaster, the sensor-monitored suction cups on the grippers can be activated individually, allowing the grippers to handle the workpieces even faster and more flexibly. This saves time, especially with small batch sizes. In addition, the SheetMaster can be connected to an automated STOPA storage system. This independently supplies the production cell with raw material. The technology also palletizes and sorts the parts independently. Another advantage of the new SheetMaster is that it ejects the cut and punched parts from the production cell. Companies can thus transport them directly for further processing, such as bending, deburring or grinding. This reduces non-productive times and increases production efficiency.

The "Tool Master" ensures maximum productivity with small batch sizes

But that's not all. As an additional automation technology, the TruMatic 5000 has a tool changer that automatically changes the punching and forming tools. This "ToolMaster" can hold up to 90 different tool cassettes. Users can thus produce small batch sizes and a high number of variants without having to manually change over the machine. The solution also comes with an automatic die changer with inspection function. This prevents the machine from stopping overnight, for example due to a damaged nozzle. With its above-mentioned features, the new punch-laser machine is particularly suitable for companies that want to network their factory or have already done so and want to further increase their productivity with the help of automation. Typical fields of application are industrial kitchens, control cabinet construction or appliance manufacturing.