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In everyday life, we often use leading brand names to refer to basic objects. Take Q-tips, scotch tape or post-its, for instance. The electrical installation industry is no different, with "WAGO" being used by engineers across Germany to refer to all sorts of connection technology. For the past 30 years or so, WAGO terminals - primarily used to connect rigid wiring - have enjoyed unstoppable success and long since replaced screw-type terminals as the most popular connecting solution. But that doesn't mean WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG has rested on its laurels - quite the opposite. In a bid to offer the right solution for almost any application, the company has developed two new actuators - push-buttons and levers - for its tried-and-tested TOPJOB® S rail-mount terminal blocks and recently unveiled these at HANNOVER MESSE 2018.

The new "push-button variant" of its conductor-through terminal blocks can be opened with just about any hand-held tool. The button's orange coloring enables operators to clearly and quickly distinguish it from the conductor entry. This innovative variant comes with two, three or, depending on size, even four conductors and is suitable for a cross-section range of 0.14 to 25 mm².

By contrast, the user-friendly clamping mechanism on the "lever variant" is opened and closed by hand. Once open, the lever remains in position, clearly marking the clamping point and leaving both hands free to connect even inflexible conductors with large cross sections. To start off with, WAGO plans to offer this particular variant with two or three conductors and in nominal cross-sections of 2.5, 6 or 16 mm². The lever is located on the field side, while customers can choose between a push-button or an operating slot for the internal wiring.