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Experts have recently observed increasingly frequent compromised networks in companies with the use of damaging encryption Trojans. These sophisticated methods of attack had apparently been reserved for secret services until recent months, the BSI states . In concrete terms, criminals first gain access to company networks. They then manually explore the victim’s systems. The ransomware is installed for particularly lucrative targets. As a result, higher ransom amounts can be demanded than would be the case during indiscriminate ransomware attacks. The Federal Office recommends investigating even minor IT security incidents carefully, as these could indicate preparations for more attacks.

The all-about-security.de portal also reports on a new Symantec study that describes increasingly overwhelmed decision-makers for cyber security as a result. Stated causes include regulations, the growing threat in general and the technological complexities of implementation. Many of the more than 3,000 professionals surveyed even feel burned out in their jobs.