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Frequency converters are an example of potential that the area of energy efficiency has not yet fully exploited: the use of converter-controlled motors still is not widespread, although even with conservative estimates they consume up to 30 percent less energy than drives that are not frequency-controlled. And with a directly regenerative matrix converter like the U1000, regenerative energy can already be fed back into the power grid, where it is then available to other consumers.

The U1000 from Yaskawa is a highly efficient frequency converter with the latest matrix converter technology. It offers high-performance energy recovery and – thanks to sinusoidal input characteristics and a power factor of almost one – simultaneously reduces the load on network components such as transformers and power lines. Its ultra-compact design makes the U1000 the first choice for innovative, energy-efficient drive solutions with or without energy recovery, for example in elevators, escalators, HVAC, hoists, and centrifuges.