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Shaping the future with innovative technologies - this is the self-formulated claim of the experienced automation and production specialist SCHUNK from Lauffen am Neckar. To this end, the owner-managed family company - a global leader in clamping technology, gripping technology and automation technology - is pushing the further development and digitalization of its product and service portfolio in order to make industrial processes even more efficient, transparent and sustainable.

Product area gets new name

A further step in this direction was recently taken with the establishment of the product area "machining with robots" under the new name R-EMENDO, where R stands for Robotic, while EMENDO means "to machine". Behind this ultimately stands the automated removal of material by deburring, grinding and polishing - and thus the improvement of a workpiece.

Ever more beautiful, ever smoother, ever more perfect

Increased demands on all sides as a driving force have ensured that industrial surface finishing has developed enormously. Whether sharp edges, protrusions or fraying - even on complex workpieces, these can now be removed effortlessly with automated processes. On the one hand, this benefits the employee, since unpleasant and stressful work steps are eliminated and the risk of injury is reduced. On the other hand, thanks to uniformly clean edges and perfect surfaces, the result is also impressive.

New tool relies on electrics

Reworking is particularly accurate, fast and efficient when it is robot-assisted. With the SCHUNK R-EMENDO tools, however, robots are to take over other tasks in addition to part handling. They can be connected as required via the automation specialist's quick-change systems. The Swabians are now supplementing the established pneumatic tools with the new RCE electric deburring spindle.

Energy-efficient and quiet

According to SCHUNK, the energy-efficient, controllable tool offers even more flexibility. The RCE electric deburring spindle is said to operate particularly quietly and, thanks to its adjustable speed of up to 50,000 rpm and adjustable contact pressure, can cope with a wide variance of workpieces. Parameters can be easily adjusted by the user, helping to optimize results in post-processing. An integrated compensation mechanism additionally eliminates unwanted tolerances in the workpiece contour. In addition to actual deburring, the versatile tool can also be used for brushing, grinding and polishing tasks, once again significantly expanding the system's range of tasks. Integrated process monitoring also provides feedback on the spindle load and speed, and is thus intended to ensure less scrap and better product quality.


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