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Profiles made of fiber-reinforced plastic composites (FRCs) are regarded as a cost-effective solution for lightweight construction and are used in vehicle and transport system construction. The vibrational behavior of the bonded structures is of particular importance. There is nevertheless still no database to determine the expected behavior of the components before construction. A cooperative project is thus now developing a simulation method that predicts the vibration behavior .

The researchers from the Würzburg Plastics Center SKZ , the Institute for Composite Materials (IVW) in Kaiserslautern and the Institute for Mechanical and Automotive Design (iMAD) , likewise in Kaiserslautern, are studying the natural frequency, insulation and other dynamic properties of FRC profiles and the adhesives used directly on the assembled components. The structural-mechanical behavior is recorded without contact by an optical 3D measuring system, which then transfers the collected data to a database. The results will also be made available to other companies once the project expires in May 2020. According to a Fraunhofer study, the lightweight construction market will grow to 140 billion euros in the transportation industry alone by 2020, thus doubling compared to 2010.