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Saarstahl AG will in future be using the Industrial Protector from Rhebo to detect anomalies and monitor process stability in its own networked systems. The system combines deep packet inspection and machine learning to detect problems and safety risks at an early stage and steer away from any possible losses of production capacity in good time.

First, the specialists in machine communication carry out the Rhebo Stability and Safety Audit (RISSA) on its customer’s premises. In the course of this, they check the existing control network for Industry 4.0 compatibility and equip all systems with the necessary sensors to allow visualization of the existing network structure. In this way, Rhebo can detect vulnerable and critical points in the machine communication chain and transmission of defective data packages. This is followed by exclusion of potential risks to process stability. Saarstahl AG, which for its part has already been pursuing ambitious digitization plans for several years, acquired a holding in the technology company Rhebo only recently .