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The Zimmer Group, a family-run company from Rheinau in Baden-Württemberg that has been thriving for over 40 years, sees itself as THE KNOW-HOW FACTORY that supports its customers worldwide on their way to technological leadership in the age of digital transformation. Zimmer sees itself not only as a technological leader and manufacturer of hardware and software from a single source, but also as a competent partner in research and development. According to its own statement, the Zimmer Group therefore stands for a family business with passion, for innovation, consistency, expertise and the vision of securing the growth of users as a future full-range supplier.

Everything from a single source

Zimmer has bundled the expertise it has built up over the decades into six powerful technology areas: Handling technology, damping technology (industrial damping and soft close for furniture), linear technology, process technology, machine technology and systems technology. A whole range of these competencies are now also used in ZiMo, a flexible robot cell for inexpensive and uncomplicated process automation for small, medium and changing batch sizes.

ZiMo, the flexible robot cell

ZiMo, the Zimmer Group's flexible robot cell, is designed to make it easy to get started with automation thanks to its fast commissioning and intuitive operation. Whether for assembly, pick-and-place tasks or for training purposes - ZiMo supports users exactly where a helping hand is needed. Zimmer supplies a whole host of accessories so that customers can tailor the system precisely to their needs.

Versatile, compact and mobile

According to Zimmer, the compact design of ZiMo enables universal use and free positioning, ideal for small batch sizes and flexible workstations. ZiMo can be integrated without any complex configuration, regardless of where within a system the robot is required to provide support. The handling system therefore offers absolute freedom of use and versatile adaptation to changing requirements.

Intuitive commissioning, fast amortization

No programming knowledge is required to commission ZiMo; the flexible robot cell can be set up and commissioned very easily via the Zimmer HMI. This saves valuable time and resources. Users can concentrate fully on the areas of production that offer real added value for the company. The comparatively low acquisition costs and rapid integration of the ZiMo into existing processes enable cost-effective automation even for small, medium and frequently changing batch sizes. Customers benefit from faster cycle times and an increase in quality and productivity - regardless of whether they are dealing with semi-automated human-cobot collaboration or fully automated production processes.