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With the Advanced Robotic Workstation , the automation specialists from Essert in Baden-Wuerttemberg, present a flexible basis for developing a digitized production line. The base stations can be equipped with lightweight robots featuring different grippers, safety components and feed systems as well as cameras for machine vision and are suitable for numerous applications. According to Essert, the system should offer an attractive and cost-effective solution, even for the production of small quantities. Integrated safety solutions also allow usage as cobots in interaction with human employees.

For the individual system components, Essert relies on standardized software modules that apparently ensure quick and smooth commissioning. Setting up does not require any additional programming knowledge and is done via the graphical user interface of a tablet PC. Special IIoT tools and cloud connectivity subsequently provide the user with data on machine status, ongoing production and possible malfunctions.

Flexible robot cells are also already being deployed elsewhere. Solutions developed by HBI Robotics are used, for example, to load and unload special machines, and they also control the automated insertion of tools into machine tools.