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The robotics solution from Wandelbots is exciting with its focus is on new welding applications. Many robotics users still remember the TracePen – the startup from Dresden’s input device. That was in October 2020. The idea and the promise: With “Wandelbots Teaching”, users without programming knowledge can teach robots within a very short time. This works only with demonstration by means of an input device and an intuitive app that makes creating robot skills easy for any application expert.

Now, Wandelbots is expanding the idea: With the “Welding Edition”, they have released the first application-specific product update of the robot learning solution.

“Path-intensive welding makes it difficult for robotics users today. Teaching paths for the perfect weld is extremely time-consuming. With today's programming solutions, whether for cobots or industrial robots, it takes a lot of time and patience to prepare the perfect weld. Not only position, but also orientation and speed must be in perfect harmony,” explains Wandelbots CEO Christian Piechnick.

“In the welding market in particular, there is a great need for automation that previous robotics solutions have not adequately served,” says Piechnick. Wandelbots presented the solution in a video for two robots: Universal Robots and Yaskawa. That means the application runs on different robots. The basis for this, according to Wandelbots, is the integration of the YRC1000 robot controller and the adaptation for the two models AR1440 as well as GP12 - particularly frequently used for welding applications.