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Over time, the submersible probes used to measure levels in water and wastewater often get covered with stubborn deposits such as algae and mussels, which can disrupt the measurement process. Attempts to remove these deposits mechanically can also very easily destroy a sensitive stainless steel sensor membrane. This is where the LMK 808 plastic submersible probe from BD|SENSORS, with its robust capacitive sensor made of highly pure ceramic, really comes into its own - and it is being exhibited for the first time at HANNOVER MESSE 2017.

Since it is not sensitive to deposits, the LMK 808 is ideal for level and gauge measurement in water and wastewater applications. The secret to its success is the heart of the probe - an extremely robust, virtually maintenance-free capacitive ceramic sensor. This, combined with a plastic casing, makes the submersible probe resistant to aggressive and abrasive substances and therefore virtually indestructible. Any contamination can be easily removed without damaging the membrane. Moreover, BD|SENSORS has relocated the overvoltage protection mechanism from the cable to the detachable probe head and developed effective protection against cables being bitten through - thus ensuring that even the supply cable is effectively protected against damage. The LMK 808 combines measurement precision with long-term stability and minimal maintenance outlay.