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The Group currently employs in Dahlewitz 2,800 staff, who have built more than 7,000 aircraft engines there since 1993. Rolls-Royce now plans to invest over the next five years around 100 million British pounds (about 113 million euros) in an artificial intelligence (AI) center. Job advertisements have already been placed to ensure that operations can start up next year.

The AI center is to work with academic partners from the region and benefit from the technology environment in Berlin and Brandenburg, especially from the vibrant startup scene. The Group is already cooperating closely with the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, Germany's leading digital mechanical engineering research institute. Rolls-Royce aims to develop new methods and techniques for analyzing very large amounts of data. After all, new turbine models are designed not only to receive data from the ground station but also to transmit data to the station. On this basis, it should become possible to save fuel as well as to plan and carry out preventive maintenance.