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Although robots in various forms are already being used in many production halls, they are for the most part used only in production halls. Where the focus is also placed on upstream and downstream processes, in addition to production, savings of up to 30% can often be achieved, says Wilhelm Goschy, Board Member of Staufen AG. As examples he cites the back office or sales, areas in which Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is in particular promising: “Many routine tasks that tie up enormous resources in normal day-to-day business can also be handled easily by software robots.” The savings achieved could compensate for a drop in orders or help prepare the company for the next upswing.

However, German specialist portal Industry of Things warns against neglecting the issue of security when it comes to RPA. The introduction of RPA is often business-driven – sometimes without even involving the IT department. However, this brings with it risks that could throw the doors wide open to cyberattacks. It is therefore vital that access for software robots is both secured and monitored.