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Bundesdruckerei and its subsidiary genua are seizing the perfect opportunity at HANNOVER MESSE to demonstrate convenient and reliable solutions for performing digital processes and state-of-the-art data exchange with internal and external partners. "As more and more companies are storing highly sensitive data in the cloud, it is absolutely essential to protect this data against unauthorized access," says Jochen Felsner, Head of Trusted Data Solutions at Bundesdruckerei. The company is also revealing its latest innovation in the field of document sharing. Designed to offer an even easier method for sharing data quickly, securely and fuss-free, Bundesdruckerei is demonstrating its Bdrive cloud solution in action at HANNOVER MESSE 2019.

Till now, companies and public authorities without a Bdrive account could only send their data to partners unilaterally via a Bdrive link. But now it's possible to send invitations to external recipients to allow them to upload and share as many documents as they like in the cloud via an intuitive drop pad. A mobile version is planned for the future, too. "The update to our Bdrive solutions makes it easier and more secure for companies and public authorities to exchange sensitive data with external partners," says Felsner. Bdrive still encrypts, fragments and distributes the files across several storage providers, as usual. What's more, this cutting-edge technology meets stringent data protection requirements by ensuring that only authorized persons are able to fully restore the data.

Meanwhile, Bundesdruckerei's subsidiary genua is focusing on secure digital infrastructures and exhibiting its remote machine and system maintenance solution with extended monitoring functions. Remote maintenance enables industrial companies to prevent downtimes and cut costs, while also allowing machine manufacturers to offer additional services. Extended monitoring records all maintenance actions by videoing the user interface and storing the recordings on a server. These special functions perfectly complement the numerous security features of genua’s remote maintenance solution, which is designed to prevent malware from penetrating sensitive production areas.