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Manufacturing in a smart factory is inconceivable without the exchange of assembly data. But the hardware requirements for this are enormous, especially for tools. Atlas Copco is now putting an end to this. The smart tools of the new IxB platform promise a revolution for intelligently networked assembly: control is transferred to the gearhead itself, freeing up space at workstations previously taken up by control devices and cables. The Tensor IxB tools do not require any external control hardware at all, yet they assemble in an absolutely process-safe, networked, flexible and ergonomic manner.

Atlas Copco's Industry 4.0 vision of Smart Connected Assembly was first presented in 2018 and has been consistently developed to operational maturity with software and hardware solutions as well as comprehensive service offerings. "The Tensor IxB screwdriving tools now presented, which collect data in assembly processes, analyze it and make it usable again, are the logical next step on the way to the digitalized production of tomorrow," says Product Manager Michael Kierakowicz, who accompanied the development of these trend-setting devices.