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Many of us still recall the images of the catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, when an out-of-control delivery system pumped oil unhindered into the open sea, causing major environmental damage. Such images and events not only trouble environmental activists and concerned citizens, but also cause businesses to rethink how they do things. We all know that absolute safety can never be achieved – but striving for the greatest possible safety must be the goal. Safety, intelligence, resource efficiency – WITTENSTEIN has long integrated these three dimensions into the development of their products and system solutions, and has made them the centerpiece of their exhibit at this year’s HANNOVER MESSE.

Using a three-meter-tall rotating demonstrator with an intelligent drive system, WITTENSTEIN showcases the multiple features of safety-conscious mechatronic drive systems at its exhibition stand. The mechatronics manufacturer also wants to demonstrate how aspects of function and data security are interwoven with core Industry 4.0 ideas. The company illustrates the high standards it sets itself in achieving safety in complex systems, with a range of innovative mechatronic products at Hannover.

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