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“Companies are desperately looking for electrical engineers and IT experts,” headlined the Association of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Information Technology (VDE) on the occasion of a study presented at this year’s Hannover Messe. The German Federal Employment Agency (BA) has also scrutinized the labor market for engineers in a 19-page special evaluation . From the applicant’s point of view, it also talks about a “very good job market” and even of “full employment.” Although there is no general lack of engineers. Some areas such as vehicle technology, however, are lacking experts which as demonstrated by long vacancies.

The career platform get in Engineering has now interviewed more than 400 engineering students about their requirements for their first employer. One thing is for certain, the companies have to work hard. 79% of Master’s students stated that they wanted to earn more than 40,000 euros in their first year of employment whereby men on average asked for around 5,000 euros more than women. Half of the respondents also expect a salary increase after one year. But money alone is not everything. For 87%, the location of the employer also plays a major role. The majority do not want to work either in rural areas or in big cities, but rather in a small but still urban environment.

Also possible additional services, new German, benefits were queried. For 53% and 58%, respectively, occupational pensions or training costs assumed by the employer are of importance. Such benefits are currently considered by many career starters almost part of the standard. The company car on the other hand has served its purpose. Only 16% attach great importance to it.