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Schaeffler holds 90% of the newly created Schaeffler Paravan Technologie GmbH & Co. KG. Their goal is the development and distribution of mobility systems as well as the further development of Space Drive technology , which the Paravan joint venture will acquire. It was originally developed to allow driving even for people with severe disabilities. Brake, throttle and steering are actuated by microprocessor-controlled driving aids.

The core element is steer-by-wire function, which enables the car to be steered solely via electronic control signals. The highlight: as a result, both the steering wheel and the steering column are unnecessary. The joint venture thereby promises “completely new possibilities for the conceptual design of the vehicles and their interiors.” Schaeffler wants to gain a foothold in the market for autonomous driving with this move.

Furthermore, the Schaeffler Mover project will receive further impetus, which the supplier will bring to the new company. Just last April Schaeffler unveiled its wheel module, which combines drive and suspension components. It is the linchpin of a purely electric and, because of its compactness, highly flexible vehicle concept. Schaeffler Mover should serve in future as a new products development platform for vehicle manufacturers. “Complete travel platforms for logistics and service companies are also conceivable in the future,” says the head of the Schaeffler chassis department, Dr. Dirk Kesselgruber.