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Hydrogen is normally stored and transported in gaseous form at high pressure or in liquid form at extremely cold temperatures in special containers. Liquid-organic hydrogen carriers (LOHC) offer an alternative method of storage and transport. Benzyltoluene is used in the proprietary method developed by Hydrogenious. This is an oily, organic substance, which chemically bonds hydrogen and allows it to be transported under normal environmental conditions. In contrast to a conventional fuel cell design, there would be no molecular hydrogen in an LOHC fuel cell and its supply chain. The liquid carrier material can be used repeatedly and is highly sustainable as a result. “By dint of its characteristics, LOHC technology based on benzyltoluene enables the creation of a safe and cost-effective hydrogen infrastructure – from the storage and transport through to consumption”, says Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tim Hosenfeldt, Senior Vice President of Research and Innovation and Corporate Technology at Schaeffler AG. "We see the use of LOHC in fuel cells as a complementary technology to conventional hydrogen technologies."