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Pentair has introduced the next stage of evolution for Schroff Interscale cases : thanks to their modular mechanism, it will be possible to perfectly attune the cases to the requirements of various industrial Internet-of-Things applications (IIoT). The series of cases includes two- to four-part models in a variety of sizes and with a range of coatings and inner subdivisions. This enables them to house a wide variety of components that might be used, for example, to control production systems, yet not be housed inside control panels. The cases are intended to offer an impressively high degree of compatibility with various printed circuit boards, as well as the choice between convection and conduction cooling and multiple mounting options (wall, top hat DIN rail, supporting feet, and more). Built-in cooling agents can be configured flexibly in terms of size and quantity.

A specially designed locking system makes the Interscale cases more resistant to the stressors of industrial manufacturing environments: They are not just certified to the IP30 standard, but also provide EMC shielding of 20 dB at 2 GHz. Solutions like this are particularly well suited to retrofitting the controller options with which even existing production facilities can be incorporated into a modern Industry 4.0 environment. At the moment, retrofitting packages are widespread in industrial settings, and – for example – also cover special solutions to connect individual sensors .