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From 2020, the Center for Robotics at FHWS’s Schweinfurt campus plans to offer 350 places on what is set to be the first degree program of its kind in Germany. The course will primarily cover aspects relating to the programming and use of intelligent robot systems, and, in cooperation with Shenzhen Technology University in China, will also be offered in English in Shenzhen as part of the ‘World Twin’ innovation program.

The details of the course and occupational profile for robotics specialists were discussed by representatives from universities, Shenzhen Technology University, companies, and institutions – including Ralf-Michael Franke, CEO of Siemens Factory Automation, and Professor Ulrich Walwei, Director of the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) – at the FHWS’s 1st International Roboticist Forum, with the objective of developing a blueprint for similar robotics degree programs around the world. “An attractive and standardized occupational profile for ‘applied’ robotics specialists,” says FHWS President Professor Grebner, “supports industry in the necessary and accelerated integration of intelligent robot systems in work processes.”