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In the manufacturing industry, enormous amounts of data are generated every day, which often only remain with the respective owner due to concerns about business confidentiality. However, in order to optimize productivity or product quality, it is essential in many cases to have access to and insight into the data of the entire production chain. At HANNOVER MESSE 2024, the young company Roseman Labs from Utrecht in the Netherlands will be showcasing an innovative solution that enables users to securely link data records from different parties directly at the source using encryption. This allows comprehensive analyses to be carried out without jeopardizing the privacy of individual data. This opens up opportunities to reduce costs and increase product quality by fully exploiting the previously untapped potential of data without revealing sensitive information.

Encrypting, linking and analyzing sensitive data

Roseman Labs' solution makes it possible to encrypt, link and analyze multiple data sets while preserving the privacy and commercial sensitivity of the actual data. Using an advanced cryptographic technique called multi-party computation, this technology allows users to combine data sets from multiple parties, analyze them and gain the insights needed to optimize processes. Together with a major chemical company, Roseman Labs has already shown that this is also possible with large production and quality data sets. The Roseman Labs platform can also be used in sectors where data confidentiality is critical, such as healthcare, the public sector or the energy sector.

Collaboration across production chains

Production processes consist of complex value chains in which it is often unclear what exactly constitutes the quality of an end product - especially when the process is spread across many parties. To optimize materials, costs and time, companies can benefit from collaboration across production chains. However, most companies are reluctant to share detailed production and quality metrics with each other because they are commercially confidential or for intellectual property reasons. With Roseman Labs, companies can now securely link their own production and product parameters with suppliers and customers in order to find out how key figures in a plant affect productivity or quality in later stages of the production chain without disclosing data from third parties.

Optimizing yield, quality and processes

The Roseman Labs platform also aims to close the data loop of the product lifecycle by helping to analyze data from equipment used by customers without disclosing their commercial details. This should enable users to develop benchmarking services, maintenance support, operational advice and product improvements. These insights are beneficial to all stakeholders as they lead to increased uptime, better utilization and ultimately better product development for the next generation of equipment that is even better tailored to real-world production conditions.