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Traditional IT security concepts have to date been predominately aimed at protecting companies’ own technology on-site. According to the Command Control Cybersecurity Index 2020 , however, networked Industry 4.0 necessitates a change in strategy, since 80% of the decision-makers surveyed for the study no longer believe they are able to fully protect their company against threats. They are therefore calling for a shift to a resilience strategy that seeks to minimize the impact of successful cyberattacks.

Most companies have to date relied on individual measures and action plans (86%), crisis communication concepts (87%), and standardized procedures to test new technologies for potential risks (88%). When it comes to preparative strategies in the event of a comprehensive loss of data or measures to maintain business operations after a serious incident, on the other hand, just under one in five respondents have such strategies incorporated in their company. This is a matter of urgency: At the end of 2018, a Bitkom survey already found a sharp increase in cyberattacks on German industry.