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A total of 27 partners have been working on decarbonizing the islands and the use of innovative solutions since April 2019. They are focusing on Bornholm in Denmark, Madeira in Portugal and Unije in Croatia. Four other islands, including Norderney in Germany, will test the knowledge gained there as early adopters. INSULAE is interesting for local residents and industry alike: 5G and IoT technologies, among others, will be used. The storage of renewable energies and the stabilization of electricity grids are also on the agenda. The project aims at testing the potential of these technologies when applied on a larger scale.

The TU Ilmenau in Thuringia is likewise conducting research on how to save CO2. The partners of the joint project “Zero Carbon Cross Energy System” (ZO.RRO) aim at leveraging sector coupling to optimize the industrial value chain so that production can be supplied with energy that is almost free of carbon dioxide emissions.