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Sick started an ambitious expansion project last year at the Reute im Breisgau location, which cost more than 11 million euros. The relocation from Waldkirch has now been finalized. The extension building has been completed and e-card production is running, more digitalized than ever. Smart services from sensor and machine data make it possible to visualize the production processes and the entire value chain transparent. Sick applies its Smart Services specifically in Reute to the paste printing process, setup optimization in assembly and condition monitoring during soldering. However, process forecasts can also be made and predictive maintenance concepts implemented based on the collected data. The maintenance of the systems is thus easier to plan and easier to coordinate. Spare parts can be ordered in time as soon as wear may occur.

At the moment, Sick is leading on the sensor technology market with almost 9,000 employees worldwide. However, Sick wants to significantly rebalance its portfolio and no longer present itself as just a sensor supplier, but as a system provider with turnkey, customer-specific complete solutions. The German company tackles the respective task for the customer comprehensively and does practically everything, i.e., planning including sensors, controls, software and hardware components, the full engineering up to the integration of the ready-to-use application solution. Of course, Sick also takes service into account and offers additional services, such as special safety solutions.