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It is all the more important to keep an eye on the costs of production in times of low oil prices. With IoT Well Surveillance, Siemens has presented an end-to-end IoT solution that networks widely distributed conveyor systems and transfers the sensor-acquired data to central automation systems. This allows operators to constantly keep track of the current state of their systems and also organize necessary maintenance work in good time by means of predictive maintenance.

The Siemens Nanobox , equipped with Intel components, will be installed on the system itself. The Nanobox is an edge computing device that calculates the pump parameters, triggers an alarm if needed, and optimizes production. For the overall analysis, it forwards the data to a SCADA system or to an IoT platform. Siemens worked closely with Intel to develop hardware and software. A first pilot project with the solution has been carried out by the Austrian oil and gas company OMV since April 2017.

The Internet of Things has been a hot topic in the oil and gas industry for about two years already. The IoT in Oil & Gas trade fair will take place in Houston for the second time in September 2018.